Alamvatīrtha (Alamvatirtha) is a celestial site of pilgrimage. It has not been possible to determine the present location of this heavenly site of pilgrimage. It is said that, Garuḍa (Garuda), in search of a suitable place to sit and consume the huge elephant and tortoise, came to this site of pilgrimage. In Rāmāyaṇa (Ramayana), this place is said to be located near the sea. A huge banyan tree named Subhadra, extending its branches across several yojana, was located here. This tree invited Garuḍa (Garuda) to perch on one of his branches. But the branch could not bear the weight of Garuḍa, and it broke down.

[See Garuḍa]
While coming to Pañcavaṭīvana (Panchavativana; the Panchavati forest) , with the purpose of abducting Sītā (Sita), Rāvaṇa (Ravana) beheld this banyan tree with footmarks of Garuḍa on it.