Amara is used twice as a name of God Śiva(Siva) in Śivasahasranāmastotra (Sivasahasranamastotra; Hymn of the Thousand Names of God Siva). While explaining the name ‘Amara’ , Nīlakaṇṭha (Nilakantha), the commentator, has said, ‘amaraḥ vināśahīnaḥ’. He has conquered death, he is without decline or decay — for these Reasons, Mahādeva (Mahadeva) is known as Amara. In a śloka (sloka; verse) of Śivasahasranāmastotra, the term Vāsava (Vasava) has been mentioned just before Amara — ‘Vāsavo’maraḥ’. It is said that the gods of heaven , including Indra, the king of gods, achieved amaratva (immortality). Mahādeva, conceptualised as identical to the Lord of gods, might have been known as ‘Amara’.