Amogha is Vārhaspatya (Varhaspatya) Agni (Deity of Fire), that is, Agni that is born in the genealogical line of Vṛhaspati (Vrihaspati). The gharma or Prasveda of Vṛhaspati, who manifests himself as the wrath even in mild creatures. The gharma or prasveda (perspiration) of that Vṛhaspati was born as his daughter, called Manyatī (Manyati). The son of Manyatī, characterised by Rājasika (Rajasika; royal or robust) attributes, is known as Amogha Agni. He rides a chariot and destroys the enemies. Actually, when the kings set out for war, a destructive anger used to work in their mind. That wrathful valiant state of mind is identified with Amogha Agni.