Antardhāna (Antardhana) is the son of king Pṛthu (Prithu). A son named Havirdhāna (Havirdhana) was born of the womb of his wife Śikhaṇḍinī (Sikhandini), and sired by Antardhāna.

According to Bhāgavatapurāṇa (Bhagavatapurana), Vijitāśva (Vijitaswa) was the original name of this son of Pṛthu. He received the lessons of Antardhāna (the art of disappearing from the others’ view) from Indra; hence he came to be known as Antardhāna. His wife Śikhaṇḍinī gave birth to three sons — Pāvaka (Pavaka), Pāvamāna (Pavamana) and Śuci (Suchi). They were forms of Agni (the fire-god). When these three turned to their original form of fire, Havirdhāna, born of the womb of Nabhasvatī (Nabhaswati), and sired by Antardhāna, maintained the biological legacy. The concept of becoming Agni appears to be allegorical.