Araṇīsuta (Aranisuta) is another name of Śukadeva (Sukadeva), son of Vyāsa (Vyasa). After performing great tapasyā (tapasya; asetic practice) and receiving boons from Mahādeva (Mahadeva), Vyāsadeva was trying to make a fire with two pieces of araṇī (wood). At that moment, seeing the beautiful Apsarā (Apsara; Celestial Courtesan) Ghṛtācī (Ghritachi), he gave an erection, and his genital fluid fell upon those two pieces of araṇī. Brahmarṣi (Brahmarshi) Śukadeva was born out of that araṇī. Hence his name, Araṇīsuta (the son born out of arani).