King Bharata was the son of king Dhruvasandhi, belonging to Ikṣvākuvaṁśa (Ikswakuvamsa, the royal line of Ikswaku). He has clashes with the kings and heroes belonging to Tālajangha (Talajamgha), Haihaya and Śaśavindu (Sasavindu) vaṁśa (vamsa; genealogical line or dynasty). He were defeated by them in a battle, and losing his kingdom, went to live in the mountain Himālaya and with his two wives. Finally, he passed away there. At that time Sage Cyavana was practicing his tapasyā (tapasya. ascetic penance) there. When Asita died, both his wives were pregnant. one of them poisoned the other’s food. Realising this, the victim-wife sought the help of Sage Cyavana. The sage assured her and finally, that wife of Asita, named Kālindī (Kalindi)gave birth to a healthy son. His name was Sagara.