Atikāya (Atikaya) was a son of Rāvaṇa (Ravana), born to Dhānyamālinī (Dhanyamalini). Etymololgically this name suggests hugeness. Maybe he derived this name from the sheer facts that he had an enormous body and possessed superhuman strength

yaścaiṣa vindhyāstamahendrakalpo
dhanvī rathastho’tiratho’tivīraḥ.

Atikāya could fly in the skies, was skilled in magic and invincible in battle. He had profound knowledge in science and was adept in the martial arts in general. After sever penance, he received the blessings of Brahmā (Brahma), who gave him a divine armour and a chariot as dazzling as the Sun. A deadly warrior, he even defeated the powerful deities like Indra and Varuṇa (Varuna) and in one battle also decimated the fierce warrior clan of the yakṣa (yaksha). A skilled archer, he aided his great-grandfather, the rākṣasa (rakshasa) Sumālī (Sumali) in a battle against gods. He was an expert in fighting (preferable with swords and bow-and-arrow) from the back of horse and war-elephants. At the same time, Atikāya was humble and obedient to his elders, and had a photographic memory. A wise politician, he could provide with useful suggestions at critical junctures. 

Bereaved at the death of his uncle Kumbhakarṇa (Kumbhakarna), Atikāya was encouraged by Triśirā (Trisira) to join the battle along with his father Rāvaṇa. Adorning himself with various dazzling ornaments, he went to the battlefield on an exquisite chariot set with two ten-arms long blades on either side and pulled by one thousand horses. He had the eyes of a lion, and his battle cry frightened the vānara (vanara) soldiers of Rāma’s (Rama) army. An awestruck Rāma wanted to know the whereabouts of this threatening figure from Vibhiṣaṇa (Vibhishana). Atikāya defeated the vānara big shots, like Kumuda, Dvivida (Dwivida), Mainda, Śarabha (Sarabha) and Nīla (Neela), in a row when he encountered Lakṣmaṇa (Lakshmana). After a brief but fierce duel between the two, Lakṣmaṇa discharged an extremely powerful arrow (as potent as the thunderbolt) to decapitate Atikāya.