The sons or disciples of Sage Upamanyu are known as Aupamanyu, or Aupamanyava, in plural. In the Vedic age, they were basically known as an order well-versed in Vyākaraṇa (Vyakarana; Grammar). Yāṣka (Yaska), the author of Nirukta, has cited the opinion of these Aupamanyava in many places. In Vāyupurāṇa (Vayupurana), it is said that , The Aupamanyava were among the Hotā(s) (Hota; Priests) of the Great Yajña (Yajna; fire-sacrifice) organised by Brahmā on the back of Gayāsura (Gayasura). Matsyapurāṇa (Matsyapurana) mentions the Aupamanyu as belonging to a Ṛṣivaṃśa(Rishivamsa; the genealogical or disciple-wise order of sages) of the gotra(clan) of Maharṣi Vaśiṣṭha (Vasishtha). Brahmāṇḍapurāṇa (Brahmandapurana), however, clearly says that the sons of Upamanyu became famous as Aupamanyu, and since they belonged to the clan of Vaśiṣṭha, they were also called Vāśiṣṭha.