The dictionary-meaning of the term ‘eraka’ is a kind of watery weed or grass, known in local Bengali as ‘Nalkhagra’ or ‘Hogla’.In the annotations of Carakasaṁhitā (Charakasamhita), the meaning of the term ‘eraka’ is mentioned as ‘Hoggala’ or ‘Hogla’.

Cursed  by the sages, Śāmva (Samva), the son of Kṛṣṇa (Krishna), gave birth to a muṣala (a blunt weapon). King Ugrasena ordered that the muṣala should be broken in particles and thrown away into the sea. From those particles of muṣala, a kind of grass called ‘eraka’ emerged upon the seashore. In other words, a grove of śara (sara)-grass grew there.

People belonging to the vaṁśa (vamsa; genealogical line) of Andhaka, Bhoja, Śini (Sini)and Vṛṣṇi (Vrishni) killed each other with those śara-stalks.