Ṛṣabha (Rishabha) is a mountain situated in the southern part of India, on the seashore. In Rāmāyaṇa (Ramayana), we have the mention of a hill area called Ṛṣabha (Rishabha). In search of Sītā (Sita), when Sugrīva (Sugriva) sent a team of Vānara(s) (Vanara) towards the south,  he asked them to cross Bhogavatī (Bhogavati) Purī (Puri; City) and go to the mountain Ṛṣabha. Sugrīva said — the mountain Ṛṣabha is rich in high-quality sandalwood. Sandal trees of high quality — such as Gośīrṣaka (Gosirshaka), Padmaka, Hariśyāma (harisyama) — can be found on this mountain. The Gandharvas called Rohita live in this mountain and protect the sandalwood- trees. If someone, coming to the mountain Ṛṣabha, discusses about the price of these invaluable sandal trees, he is sure to be attacked by the Gandharvas.

In Mahābhārata (Mahabharata) it is clearly said that the mountain called Ṛṣabha is situated on the shore of the southern sea —

tadeṣa ṛṣabha nāma parvataḥ sāgarāntike.

Maharṣi (Maharshi; Great Sage)Pulastya has mentioned Ṛṣabha (Rishabha) parvata as a sacred tīrtha (tirtha; site of pilgrimage). In Udyogaparva, in the narrative of Garuḍa (Garida) and sage Gālava (Galava), it is said that aBrāhmaṇī (Brahmani;a Brahmana lady) ascetic called Śāṇḍilī (Sandili) used to live in this mountain Ṛṣabha.

In Bhāgavatapurāṇa (Bhagavatapurana), we get the name of mountain Ṛṣabha(Rishabha) in the description of the travels undertaken by Valarāma (Valarama) across the sites of pilgrimage. Valarāma, while travelling in the Deccan, went to Dakṣiṇa Mathurā (Daksina Mathura or Madurai) and the mountain Ṛṣabha, located in the land of Pāṇḍya (Pandya).

From the description given in Rāmāyaṇa (Ramayana), Mahābhārata (Mahabharata) and Purāṇa (Purana; Mythological Scripture), scholars have come to the decision that the Palni hill located in the district of Madurai in modern Tamilnadu — the hill known as Varāha (Varaha)parvata in the local dialect — that part of the Pūrvaghāṭa (Purvaghata) mountain range was known as Ṛṣabha parvata in ancient times.