A student of Computer Science from IIEST (Shibpur) Anirban had been in the IT Industry with organizations like TCS and IBM. However, having swum in the same waters for nearly fourteen years which, did not provide enough nourishment for his grey cells, he left the industry and took up research on fractal analysis under the guidance of Prof. Dipak Ghosh. Since then he has successfully conducted his experiments with fractal analytics in different areas of science like particle physics and biomedical data analytics which, have been published in different high impact international journals. As he moves on with his research, his belief on the saying from Rutherford - "All science is either physics or stamp collecting" keeps getting stronger. On the other side, however, he feels that there is an immense lack of availability of proper information related to Indian culture in the digital world. This has prompted him to conceptualize and develop frameworks for a realistic and religiously unbiased information base of Ancient Indian culture with latest technologies. His ideas have taken shape in digital platforms like Yamunakinare which delves deep into the philosophical developments around the Bhakti Movement in Bengal as well as in this Purankosh detailing the myths that all Indians love to live with. He is determined to drive or take part in similar digital initiatives for increasing the online availability of information related to Indian heritage.