Sushruta Samhita
  • Agaru or Aguru

    Among all the fragrances used in India since ancient times, agaru or aguru or agar wood is one of the most famous ones. Sandal and agaru have been used as aromatic cosmetics since time immemorial. In Mahābhārata (Mahabharata) and Purāṇas (Puranas), sandal and agaru have almost always been mentioned together as perfumes. People of yore, irrespective of their sex, used […]

  • Apasmara

    In Bhāgavatapurāṇa (Bhagavatapurana), after the slaying of Putanā (Putana), mother Yośomatī (Yasomati)uttered rakṣāmantra (rakshamantra; protective hymns) as a benediction for her child, considering Putanā as an evil spirit. She also uttered hymns for the exorcism of ghosts and Piśāca(s)(Pisacha; a kind of deadbody-eating ghostly being). Among these evil deities, the order of evil deities called […]

  • Udari

    Udarī (Udari) is referred to as a disease in Vṛhaddharmapurāṇa (Vrihaddharmapurana). In the diseased state, the udara or belly gets swelled with water. In Suśruta Saṁhitā (Susruta Samhita), it is also know as Udakodara. Perhaps the term Udarī (Udari)came from Udakodara.