Nrisinha Prasad Bhaduri is the soul of our project, which is namely his brainchild. Renowned Indologist and leading scholar of Sanskrit literature, he is one of the most popular authors today who discusses various aspects of Indian mythology from the perspective of a modern man with a legacy of classical Indian cultures. Besides studying Sanskrit literature, he takes great interest in and has studied Buddhist and Vaishnava literatures extensively. After a long career of teaching in college he has taken up this extensive project to invest his lifelong experience and research of Indian classical literature in it. He started conceptualising this project decades ago and its manifestation in reality has brought our research team together, the centre of which he holds. It is his motto to come out of academic jargons even while presenting such academically oriented topics as classical Indian literature and reach the hearts of his reader/audience with the essence of those topics which might apparently seem to be inaccessible in an academic mist. This motto of his is the principal inspiration and guiding line for us who work in this project.