Aitareya Aranyaka
  • Agni – 1

    Agni is the Sanskrit word for ‘fire’. Agni is one of the foremost among the Vedic deities. In regard of the number of Vedic hymns (sūkta; sukta) attributed to the deities, Agni comes only second to Indra (almost two hundred hymns have been dedicated to Agni). Since Agni’s deeds and actions are mainly observable on […]

  • Aranyaka

    In Mahābhārata (Mahabharata), it is said that the discourse on God Nārāyaṇa (Narayana) is the essence of all scriptures. By way of comparison, the has said, it is as if, Āraṇyaka is among the Vedas. To develop the analogy, it is said, as we get navanīta (navanita;buttermilk) from the churning of curd, as we collect […]