Atharvaveda Samhita
  • Agni – 1

    Agni is the Sanskrit word for ‘fire’. Agni is one of the foremost among the Vedic deities. In regard of the number of Vedic hymns (sūkta; sukta) attributed to the deities, Agni comes only second to Indra (almost two hundred hymns have been dedicated to Agni). Since Agni’s deeds and actions are mainly observable on […]

  • Asura

    In general it is thought that ‘Asura’ means the ultimate enemy-community of the ancient Aryans, and probably they were the aboriginal inhabitants of Bhāratavarṣa, and the Sura(s) or gods, conquering them, established their political and cultural dominance over the land. However, several Purāna-scholars have said that initially the Asura(s) were relatives and friends of gods– […]

  • Atri – 1

    Atri was one of the six supreme patriarch ṛṣi (rishi; sage) — like Marīci (Marichi) and Aṅgirā (Angira) — who were born at the onset of the Creation. Many legends are associated with the birth of these six prime sages, and the great sage Atri is no exception. The foremost of these legends is that all […]