Gopatha Brahmana
  • Anga – 8

    A country or kingdom. The word Aṇga (Anga) is also used to refer to the citizens of the kingdom of Aṇga. Usually, it is mentioned along with four other kingdoms situated in eastern India—Aṇga, Vaṇga (Banga), Kaliṇga (Kalinga), Suhma (Suhma) and Puṇḍra (Pundra). Perhaps these five kingdoms formed a confederacy of which the capital was […]

  • Upanayana

    Upanayana is a term which is much heard and much debated. Now Upanayana has become a religious practice, but it was no so earlier. Upanayana was probably suggestive of student-life, which was called Brahmacarya in another term. Later, another ritual started before upanayana, which was called Vidyārambha. Generally Vidyārambha started at the age of five. […]