• Anashana

    Not eating. A mode of asceticism or severe self-discipline. Right after uttering the eminence of the eleventh day of the lunar fortnight it is said that just like there is no ritual of observing a vow of penance on this day, there is no religious austerity such as anaśana (anashana) or starvation by choice. Here, by […]

  • Avimukta

    Vārāṇasī (Varanasi), the abode of Śiva-Maheśvara (Siva-Maheswara) is called Avimuktakṣetra (Avimuktaksetra; the space called Avimukta). In Matsyapurāṇa (Matsyapurana) while speaking of the greatness of Vārāṇasī, Goddess Pārvatī (Parvati) wanted to know about Avimuktakṣetra. Śiva then said, “Vārāṇasī is my perpetual abode. I have never left this sacred place, nor will I leave it ever in […]