Jaimini Talavakara Brahmana
  • Asandi

    Āsandī (Asandi) is the Vedic name for the wooden platform used for sitting. The term, however, is not mentioned in Ṛgveda (Rigveda), but in Atharvaveda, āsandī is mentioned as a seat used during a marriage-ritual– yathāsandyāmupadhāne. In Atharvaveda, there is also a description of āsandī (asandi) used as a siting platform for vrātyajana (vratya jana; […]

  • Ukthya – 3

    Ukthya also means a general kind of Śāstra (Sastra or Scriptures) reading and it is read as the Sāma (Sama) song (One kind of Vedic Song). It was said in the Jaiminīya  Brāhmaṇna (Brahmana) that in the Udvaṁśīya śāstra (Udvansiya sastra) reading, ukthya stotra (hymn) was read or sung thrice as ‘udvaṁśaṃ iva yemire’ . […]