Narada Purana
  • Aindri – 3

    Aindrī (Aindri) is another name of Goddess Lakṣmī (Lakshmi), the female consort of God Viṣṇu (Vishnu).

  • Alakananda

    Alakānandā (Alakananda) is the name of a pilgrimage site, named after the river. It is said that the river is situated in heaven. Mandākinī (Mandakini) emerges from the feet of God Viṣṇu (Vishnu). After falling upon Merupṛṣṭha (Meruprishtha), the same Mandākinī comes to be known by four names, as it flows in four different directions. […]

  • Aravinda

    Aravinda is a parvata-tīrtha (parvata-tirtha; mountain-pilgrimage), belonging to the Ādigadādhara tīrtha  (Adigadadhara tirtha) located in Gayā (Gaya).