Nighantun and Nirukta
  • Agrani – 1

    A special name and form of Agni, the Fire-god. Agraṇī (Agrani) was the fifth son born of Manu to his third wife, Niśā (Nisha). Agni, to which the first offering of ghee used for oblation at various rites of a yajña (yajna) is made, is known as Agraṇī. In Yāska’s (Yaska) Nirukta, the word agni etymologically stems from […]

  • Agravara

    One of the one thousand and eight names of Śiva-Mahādeva (Shiva-Mahadeva). The annotator Nīlakaṇṭha (Nilakantha), to explain the meaning of the word agravara, has said— agravaraḥ agre bṛṇoti yajñabhāgādikamityagravaraḥ. Agravara is the god of gods, and thus, he is superior in both greatness and dignity compared to the other gods. During the age of Purāṇas (Puranas), the […]