Sankhayana Srauta Sutra
  • Anvadhana

    To put ‘Samit’ (the sanctified wood for yajña) to Āhavanīya agni (Ahavaniya agni, the ritual fire to be welcomed for the beginning of the yajna), so that the fire may become favourably disposed to the worshipper, before any kind of iṣṭiyāga (ishtiyaga), is called Anvādhāna (Anvadhana).

  • Indrota

    Indrota was an ancient ṛṣi (rishi; sage). He was a sage belonging to the vaṁśa (vamsa; clan or genealogical line) of Śunaka (Sunaka), so he was famous as Indrota Śaunaka (Saunaka). In the legend described in Śāntiparva of Mahābhārata, it is said that Indrota became the priest of the yajña (yajna) performed by the ancient […]