Sankhya Karika
  • Apavarga

    Apavarga means redemption from the worldly bindings. In Sāṃkhyadarśana (Sankhyadarsana; the Sankhya philosophy) and Yogic philosophy, this status of attaining salvation is called Apavarga. In a Jivanmukta condition, that is, if one attains siddhi by performing great sādhanā (sadhana; penance),and becomes free from all desires for material enjoyment and have access to the supreme truth, […]

  • Asuri – 1

    In Mahābhārata (Mahabharata), there are the names of nineteen preachers of Sāṁkhya-darśana (Samkhyadarsana, the Samkhya Philosophy). Āsuri is one of them. His name is mentioned along with Nārada, Pulastya, Sanatkumāra and Śukrācārya. Paramarṣi Kapila is the chief exponent of Sāṁkhyadarśana. Sage Āsuri is his disciple, and the Sāṁkhya guru Pañcaśikha is the disciple of Kapila. […]