• Isa – 1

    The term ‘Īśa’ (Isa) generally denotes one who authorises, controls or rules, one who is entitled to own, and so on. In this sense, terms like Nareśa (Naresha; lord of men), Sureśa (Suresa, lord of the gods), Kṣitīśa (kshitisa; ruler of the earth), Gaṇeśa (Ganesa; ruler of the people), Śrīśa (Srisa, lord of Sri or […]

  • Rishti

    In the Ṛgveda (Rigveda), Ṛiṣti (Rishti) was mentioned as the name of a sharp weapon- Vāśīmantaḥ ṛṣtimanto maṇīṣiṇaḥ. This concept becomes more clear in the line- He throws the lightening like Ṛiṣti (Rishti)- Ārukmairāyudhā nara ṛṣvā, ṛṣtīrasṛkṣata. In this mantra, Sāyanāchārya gives the meaning of the word Ṛiṣti (Rishti) as ‘āyudha’- ṛṣtīrāyudha (rishtirayudha) as an […]