One of the branches of the Yadu clan is Kukuravaṁśa (Kukuravamsa; the Kukura clan). Ānakadundubhi(Anakadundubhi) is the son of Tama, and the grandson of Kapotaromā (Kapotaroma). He performed a great ascetic penance in the Govardhana mountain, and was granted a boon from God Brahmā (Brahma). Receiving this boon, Ānakadundubhi started singing a song in praise of Mahādeva (Mahadeva). Mahādeva, being pleased, gave him a beautiful maiden, who was even beyond the access of gods. This woman gave birth to a son named Śobhana(Sobhana) and a daughter, Hrīmatī (Hrimati). Ānakadundubhi’s devotion to God Śiva(Siva0 was a special attribute of his character: he was dedicated to the worship of Śiva (Siva), along with his whole family –wife, son, and grandson.