Īḍya (Idya) is one of the names of Śiva-Mahādeva (Siva-Mahadeva) described in Śivasahasranāmastotra (Sivasahasranamastotra; The Hymn of Thousand names of Siva). The term īḍya derives from the Sanskrit dhātu (dhatu, root-verb) Īḍ (Id), which means ‘to perform stūti’ (stuti), that is, to chant hymns, to praise . One who is worthy of such praise, or who is worshipped with praise,  is called Īḍya. Śiva is worshipped and praised by all living beings, he is also worshipped and praised by Brahmā (Brahma) and the other gods. So he is known as Īḍya —
Īḍyaḥ stutyaḥ’ (commentary by Nīlakaṇṭha)