In the beginning of Creation, fourteen vowel-sounds (svaradhvani) were created from the mouth of the four-faced Brahmā (Brahma). Manu, the ruler of fourteen manvantara (manvantara; epoch) was born out of these fourteen vowel-sounds. Ā (A) or Ā-kāra (a-kara) was the second of these vowel sounds emanated from Brahmā’s second mouth. From this Ā-kāra (A-kara), emanated Svāyambhuba Manu. In the Vayūpurāṇa, the fourteen varṇa [(varna; letters, the written forms of sounds or dhvani (dhwani)] had been conceptualised as gods with bodily forms. The embodiment of Ā-kāra was imagined to be a godly being of pale complexion.