Once in a place of yajña (yajna) organised by the god Varuṇa (Varuna), wives and daughters of gods were also present with the Gandharvas (a kind of demi-gods). Seeing them, Brahmā (Brahma) got erotically charged and he had an erection. When he offered it to the yajña-fire, Bhṛgu (Bhrigu) was born of that. When he offered it for the second time, Aṅgirā (Angira) with his aṅga-pratyaṅga (anga-pratyanga; limbs)  emanated from it. Seeing this son, Agni said to Brahma, “I have collected your semen and given birth to this son, so let him be mine.” Brahmā agreed, and Agni accepted Angirā as his son. Since then, Angirā and his genealogical line have been called ‘Āgneya’.