Ahīna (Ahina)is a kind of Satrayāga (Satrayaga). Somayajña (Somayajna; a ritual offering to Soma) is to be performed in a period of two to twelve days . Of the two kinds of Somayāja (Somayaga), one is called Satra, the other, Ahīna. Both these kinds of yāga are to performed through a long time. In Ahīnayāga, one person acts as Ṛtvik (Ritwik; the priest of the yajna), the others are Yajamāna( Yajamana; one who gets the yajna performed). And in Satrayāga, those who are Yajamāna(s) are also Ṛtvik(s). Ahīna yāga can continue for aperiod of tweleve to three hundred and sixty days; and Satrayāga can be extended further. Aśvamedha is a Somayāga, belonging to the ‘Ahīna’ type. And Dvādaśāha (Dvadasaha; continuing for twelve days) yāga can be of both kinds — Ahīna or Satra.