One of the excellent species of the ancient horse-race. In Amarakoṣa (Amarakosha) it is said that Ājāneya (Ajaneya) is one kind of high-quality horses, with remarkably distinctive features. No other horses , than of this type, can become so loyal to the rider. This horse can take the rider comfortably across a long distance–
ājāneyaḥ kulīnḥ syurvinītāḥ sādhuvāhinaḥ.
The annotators of Amarakoṣa, citing verse from Aśvaśāstra (Asvasastra; theoretical text about horses and horse-riding), said that — the horse which can understands the endeavours and signs made by the rider, even when wounded by weapons, and halting at every step — is this kind of excellent ājāneya horse.
śaktibhirbhinnahṛdayaḥ skhalantaśca pade pade
ajānanti yataḥ sanjñāmājāneyāstataḥ smṛtaḥ.

In Mahābhārata (Mahabharata), there are several mentions of ājāneya horses. Such horses were considered to be a valued possession to kings. When Duryodhana got jealous of Yudhiṣṭhira’s(Yudhisthira)  huge wealth, Śakuni, in course of consoling him, referred to ājaneya aśva. The reference came regarding the description of Duryodhana’s wealth. Śakuni(Sakuni) argues, why should one like Duryodhana, who possesses ājāneya aśva, be jealous of others’ wealth? Rather, his possession of such horses should be the cause of envy for his opponents.

In another place of Sabhāparva (Sabhaparva), it is said that Bhagadatta, king of Prāgjyotiṣapura (Pragjyotishapura), came to Yudhiṣṭhira’s Rājasūya yajña (Rajasuya yajna) with the gift of ājāneya aśva .

From Vanaparva of Mahābhārata, it is known that the chariot of Bhīma was drawn by ājāneya aśva.

At the beginning of Karṇaparva (karnaparva) in course of narrating about those who were alive and enthusistic to fight, among the Rathī (Rathi; heroes fighting on chariots) and Mahārathīs (great heroes fighing upon chariots)   of the Kaurava camp, Sañjaya (Sanjaya) said to Dhṛtarāṣtra (Dhritarashtra) about the Gāndhāra (Gandhara) soldiers of  Śakuni (Sakuni), king of Gāndhāra . It is known that the cavalry under this Gāndhāra army was equipped with the best ājāneya horses etc.

In course of describing the army of Lalitādevī (Lalitadevi; Goddess Lalita) in the episode of Lalitā in Brahmāṇḍapurāṇa (Brahmandapurana) .it is said that the army was adorned with high quality of horses like ājāneya.