Amvā (Amva) is a term denoting the mother in general, but specifically it refers to Goddess Durgā (Durga), mother of the world. In the hymn of worship uttered by the gods, in Mārkaṇḍeyapurāṇa (Markandeyapurana), it is said that this Amvā is all-pervading in the universe, and she is the highest among those who are to be worshiped —
tvayikayā pūritamvayitat
kā te stutiḥstavyaparā paroktiḥ.

In another śloka (sloka; verse), where king Suratha is making arrangements for the worship of Durgā, the term Amvā is used to mean – ‘in order to have a vision of Durgā’ –
sandarśanārthaṃ amvāyā nadīpulinasaṃsthitaḥ.