The name of Amvumatī (Amvumati) is mentioned briefly in Vanaparva of Mahābhārata (Mahabharata), when Pulastya describes several tīrtha(s)(tirtha; site of pilgrimage) to Bhīṣma (Bhishma). There is confusion regarding whether it can be called a sacred river site or a land-site; and scholars have not been able to suggest a class-name for it. Haridāasa Siddhāntavāgīśa (Haridasa Siddhantavagisa), considering the use of the word Kāśīśvara (Kasiswara) in the next śloka (sloka; verse), has said that this place could be Maṇikarṇikāra. But perhaps this does not hold valid. It appears that some river, full of water located beyond Brahmāvarta (Brahmavarta) and Kurukṣetra (Kurukshetra) had been referred to as Amvumatī tīrtha.