Cursed by Śaktri (Saktri), son of the sage Vaśiṣṭha (Vasistha), King Kalmāṣapāda (Kalmashapada; one whose feet are burned black) was transformed into a rākṣasa ( raksasa, a kind of monster). One day he was roaming about the forest, in search of food. At that time, a Brahmaṇa (Brahmana, a Brahmin) and his wife was inside the forest. This Brāhmaṇa’s wife was Āṅgirasī (Angirasi). When seeing the rākṣasa, the couple tried to escape, Kalmāṣapāda caught hold of the Brāhmaṇa. Āṅgirasī repeatedly requested him to let the Brāhmaṇa live. But without paying heed to her request, the rākṣasa consumed him. In rage and grief, Āṅgirasī cursed him, saying — I have not  yet given birth to a son, and at this point you have so cruelly consumed my husband. For this you will die while consummating with your wife, and your sons will come of that Vaśiṣṭha, whose sons you have killed. Saying this, the Brāhmaṇī (Brahmani; a Brahmin lady) born of the clan of Āṅgirā (Angira), entered into the fire to end her life.