Antarhitātmā (Antarhitatma) is one of the Sahasranāma (Sahasranama; Thousand Names) of God Śiva (Siva). The term Antarhita may have two meanings — first, Antarhita may denote what lies within. In the thought of Upaniṣad (Upanishad), God Śiva or Paramātmā (the Supreme Self) resides as jīvātmā (jivatma; the internal spirit within the corporeal forms of all creatures), in every living being. In a śloka (sloka; verse) of Kaṭhopaniṣad (Kathopanishad), it is said that Paramapuruṣa (the Absolute Entity) resides as jīvātmā inside everybody — sadā janānāṁ hṛdaye sanniviṣṭaḥ.

According to this concept of Upaniṣad, God Śiva is also referred to as Antarhitātmā. The meaning of the name becomes clearer if it is uttered as Antarnihitātmā. Antarhita also means to remove, to wipe out. Worshipping and contemplating of the Absolute Self of God Śiva, one may be relieved of the sense of ahaṁ (aham)or egotism from the mind. Thus the devotee may realise himself as part of the Absolute Self. Thus, God Śiva, residing in the mind of people, helps them to get rid of there mean self-centredness, so he is known as  Antarhitātmā .