Goddess Gaurī (Gauri; the fair one) or Pārvatī (Parvati), like a fond mother and nurse, gives suck to all humankind. So she is referred to as Āpītakucā (Apitakucha; a mother-figure with ripe breasts, that have been sucked to the full, or moderately).

Goddess Pārvatī, through her union with Aruṇādri (Arunadri, the mountain Aruna), came to be known as Āpītakucā. She resides at the northern part of Aruṇādrīśa Maheśvara (Arunadrisa Mahesvara; Siva as the Presiding Deity of Arunadri). When the gods assemble here during uttrāyaṇa (uttarayana, the northward movement of the sun), the goddess bestow upon them a promise of benevolence and protection.