A great Daitya (Demon) called Aruṇa, very antagonistic to the gods, lived in Pātala (Patala; the underworld). In order to conquer the gods, he started practicing asceticism in order to please Brahmā (Brahma). Feared by his tapasyā (ascetic practice), the gods went to Brahmā. Hearing all this, Brahmā asked Aruṇa why he had been practicing such hard asceticism in the Himālaya(Himalaya) region. The Demon asked for a boon of immortality.But Brahmā could not grant this, Then Aruṇa wished that he would not be killed in a battle by any weapon, by man or woman, or by diped or quadruped beings. Brahmā granted this boon.
After this, Aruṇa assembled the other Asuras and launched an attack upon the gods. Vṛhaspati (Vrihaspati), guru of the gods, used a trick to stop him from constantly muttering the Gāyatrī (Gayatri) mantra. This took away much of his divine protection. Finally Goddess Bhuvaneśvarī (Bhuvaneswari)assumed the form of ‘Bhrāmarī’ (Bhramari) and destroyed the demon.