Mahādeva (Mahadeva) created some mātṛkā(s)  (matrika; an order of lesser female deities),in order to get their assistance while slaying Andhakāsura (Andhakasura); and they were about to consume the entire universe after killing the asura (a type of demon). Unable to control them, Mahādeva sought the help of  Nṛsiṁhadeva (Nrisimhadeva).  In order to destroy those mātṛkā (s), Nṛsiṁhadeva created another group of mātṛkā from his body. Aśmadaṁśanā (Asmadamsana) was one of the mātṛkā(s) thus created by Nṛsiṁhadeva. Later, they became associates of Goddess Bhavamālinī (Bhabamalini).