In Purāṇa(s) (Purana; Mythological Scripture), while giving description of the royal families of future, the name of Aśoka (Asoka), son of Vindusāra (Vindusara) and grandson of Candragupta (Chandragupta) Maurya – has been mentioned. In Bhāgavatapurāṇa (Bhagavatapurana), he is mentioned as Aśokavardhana (Asokavardhana), son of Vārisāra (Varisara), According to Purāṇa, he ruled for 26 years (in another opinion, 36 years). He had a son called Suyaśā (Suyasa).

Obviously, the famous emperor Aśoka, belonging to the Maurya dynasty, has been mentioned here. According to historians, it is assumed that in 273 AD, after the death of Vindusāra, Aśoka ascended the throne amidst the heat and upheavals of rivalry among the relatives. In 269 AD, his coronation was performed officially. Historians have discussed in detail about the 36-year span of Aśoka’s reign, with so many events.