After the union of Madana, the god of amour, and goddess Rati, out of ecstasy, several aśruvindu (asruvindu; tear-drops) from her eyes fell upon water. A lotus emerged from those tear drops, and a daughter was born out of that lotus. Her name was Aśruvindumatī (Asruvindumati).
After falling under Śukrācārya’s (Sukracharya) curse of ageing, Yayāti (Yayati) desired the company of Aśruvindumatī. Viśālā (Visala), the friend of Aśrumatī, told Yayāti that in that aged condition, it is not possible for him to get united with Aśrumatī. If Yayāti could exchange his old age with the youth of one of his sons, only then it would be possible. Yayāti, being overcome with desire, told all this to his sons and asked for their youth.