Asti is the daughter of Jarāsandha (Jarasandha), the king of Magadha. Jarāsandha got his two daughters — Asti and Prāpti (Prapti), to Kaṁsa (Kamsa). After the death of Kaṁsa, his widows came back to their father’s kingdom and reported the whole matter.

In Sabhāparva (Sabhaparva) of Mahābhārata (Mahabharata), and in Harivaṁśa (Harivamsa), it is clearly mentioned that Asti and Prāpti, coming back to Magadha after the death of Kaṁsa, started persuading their father to launch an attack against  Mathurā (Mathura)  to take revenge upon Kṛṣṇa (Krishna), who the cause of Kaṁsa’s death. It was chiefly due to his daughters’ repeated insistence, that Jarāsandha attacked Mathurā again and again.