Asurendrāṇāṁ vandhanaḥ  (Asurendranam vandhanah; one who confines the Asura-kings) is one of the Aṣṭottara Sahasranāma (Ashtottara Sahasranama; One Thousand and eight names) of God Śiva (Siva). While explaining the meaning of this name, Nīlakaṇṭha (Nilakantha), the commentator, has said —
vandhanastvasurendrānāṁ — vāmanarūpeṇa valervandhakartā, vahuvacanaṁ kalpabhedāhiprāyam.

In Purāṇa (Purana; Mythological Scriptures), it is mentioned that God Viṣṇu, in his Vāmana incarnation confined the demon-king Vali. Here Mahādeva(Mahadeva) is conceptualised as identical with God Viṣṇu (Vishnu) who held Vali in confinement. However, it is to be noted that that according to the Paurāṇika(Pauranika; mythological) scheme, different kalpa(s) come back, in repetition. And according to this very mythological scheme,  it is conceptualised that the Supreme God or Śiva reincarnates Himself in different forms to destroy or to control and confine the Asura-kings in and across different kalpa (a grand measure of mythical and cosmic era; far greater than the  periods of time in human world) .