Ātreyatīrtha(Atreyatirtha) is a sacred site of pilgrimage located upon the northern bank of the river Godāvarī (Godavari). This is also known as ‘Anvindra’ which means Anu+Indra, that is, ‘to follow Indra’. Sage Ātreya(Atreya) and his son, under the power of illusion, once prayed to God Brahmā(Brahma), to achieve wealth and power like that of Indra. He was granted so. In course of time, the Daitya(a type of the demon race) launched an attack upon this replicated Indrapurī belonging to Ātreya and his son, mistaking it for the real one. They were afraid and ashamed of this. Finally, by the grace of God Brahmā (Brahma), Sage Ātreya and his family got relieved of this false Indra-like status, and started living a hermit’s life in their natural abode or āśrama (asrama, hermitage) on the bank of Gautamī Gaṇgā (Gautami Ganga). By divine blessings, this āśrama of Sage Ātreya came to be known as Ātreyatīrtha. Having a bath in this pilgrimage site , one may achieve Indratva (the state of being like Indra).