Ātreyī(Atreyi) was the wife of a Brāhmaṇa (Brahmana) called Vitamanyu. She gave birth to a son called Upamanyu, sired by Vitamanyu. The poor Brāhmaṇi ( Brahmani; the Brahmana woman) could not feed the son with milk, and gave him dough-water instead. Upamanyu never knew how real milk tested. One day he went for an invitation at another Brāhmaṇa’s house, and he came to know how milk actually tested.After that, he began to weep, refusing to drink dough-water, when his mother gave him dough-water again. Ātreyī, then, advised her son to worship Mahādeva (Mahadeva). By the divine grace of Mahādeva, human beings achieve not only the right to drink milk, but also the entitlement of drinking amṛta (amrita; nectre). Thus instructed by his mother Ātreyī, Upamanyu worshipped Mahādeva and was relieved of their poverty. He then had a sufficient supply of milk and other delicious foods as well.