Āvedanīya(Avedaniya) is one of the names of Śiva-Mahādeva (Siva-Mahadeva), uttered in Śivasahasranāmastotra (Sivasahasranamastotra; The Hymn of Thousand Names of Siva). ‘Āvedana’ (Avedana) means ‘to pray’ or ‘to make supplication’ or ‘to complain’. Āvedanīya is the One to whom one can pray, or appeal, or express a complaint. This name of Āvedanīya confirms His role as a benevolent and caring Deity who takes care of the world. Gods, demons and human beings — everyone can pray to Him and he grants those prayers. He also resolves all problems and complaints of all beings who can reach Him with all their problems and concerns. From this perspective, Śiva is known as Āvedanīya.