Avighnatīrtha (Avighnatirtha) is a sacred site of pilgrimage located towards the north of Gautamī Gaṅgā (Gautami Ganga) or Godāvarī (Godavari). Once the gods started performing a yajña(yajna; a  ritual involving fire-sacrifice ) on the north bank of Gautamī Gaṅgā, but the yajña was not successful due to hazards created by the primary god Ganeśa (Ganesa). Then, advised by Brahmā (Brahma) the gods prayed to him in order to please him, and Ganeśa, now satisfied, assured them that there yajña would be complete without further hazards. Since then this site came to be known as Avighnatīrtha. This site fulfils all desires and destroys all crises.