Ekapāṭalā (Ekapatala) is one of the daughters born of the womb of Menā (Mena), and sired by Himālaya (Himalaya), king of the mountains. It is known that she practised tapasyā (tapasya; ascetic penance) for two thousand years, sitting under a pāṭala (patala; parul ) tree. During this long period, she lived by partaking of one pāṭala leaf daily.For this reason, she was named Ekapaṭalā. Later she got married to Maharṣi (Maharshi; Great Sage) Jaigīviṣya (Jaigivishya). Maharṣi Śankha (Sankha)and Likhita were the children born of the mental conception of both Ekapaṭalā and Jaigīviṣya.