In Sabhāparva (Sabhaparva) of Mahābhārata (Mahabharata), seven orders of Piātṛloka (Pitriloka; the heavenly abode of the forefathers) have been mentioned. Four of these orders are of corporeal entities, and the other three consist of bodiless entities.

Ekaśṛṅga(Ekasringa) was one of those bodiless beings, among these orders.

It is known that they were present in the sabhā (sabha; court) of Brahmā (Brahma). They are worshipped among all the four varṇa(s) (varna) — Brāhmaṇa(Brahmana), Kṣatriya (Kshatriya), Vaiśya (Vaisya), and Śūdra (Sudra).