Elāpatra (Elapatra) is one of the Nāga(s) (Naga; Snake) born of the womb of Kadru, and sired by Kaśyapa (Kasyapa) Prajāpati (Prajapati).

Elāpatra was one of the distinuished Nāga  living in Bhogavatīpurī (Bhogavatipuri, the city of Bhogavati), as mentioned by Nārada (Narada)to Mātali (Matali).

When the gods wanted to know the way to stop Janamejaya’s Sarpasatra (a ritual for sacrificing the snakes), God Brahmā (Brahma) said that Maharṣi (Maharshi; Great Sage) Jaratkāru (Jaratkaru) would marry a girl, who would be his namesake. And their son would be the only person able to stop this yajña (yajna). Learning of this prophecy of Brahmā, Elāpatra Nāga said to Vāsuki : You have a sister named Jaratkāru. When Maharṣi Jaratkāru will come to ask for alms, get her married to him. Vāsuki(Vasuki) and the other Nāga(s) supported this proposal and thanked Elāpatra for this.

In Skandapurāṇa (Skandapurana) it is said that one may go to Srīparvata (Sriparvata, the mountain called Sri) in the underworld, by the route lying on the east of the Liṅga (Linga; the symbolic representation of Siva’s Phallic Self) set up by Śeṣanāga (Sesanaga). Elāpatra made this route for the coming and going of the snakes.

According to Bhāgavata (Bhagavata) and Matsyapurāṇa (Matsyapurana), Elāpatra stays in the chariot of the Sūrya (Surya; Sun-god), in the month of Śrāvaṇa (Sravana). As per Viṣṇupurāṇa (Vishnupurana), however, he resides in the chariot of Sūrya in the month of Bhādra (Bhadra).