Indīvara (Indivara) was the son of Nalanābha (nalanabha), a Vidyādhara (Vidyadhara, a kind of celestial being or demi-god). In ancient times, Indīvara expressed his desire to study Āyurveda (Ayurveda, the science of longeivity from Sage Brahmamitra. The sage was reluctant to teach him, so Indīvara earned this knowledge  secretly. When the truth got disclosed, Brahmamitra cursed Indīvara for learning secretly. Cursed so, he became a rākṣasa (raksasa, a kind of monster). Indīvara, terrified at this, tried to appease Brahmamitra to beg his forgiveness. Finally Brahmamitra told him that, being a rākṣasa, Indīvara wouldl lose his memory and he would wish to devour his own child. At that time, being attacked by his own child, he will regain his memory and get back his previous form.