Indradyumna was the king of Pāṇḍyadeśa (Pandyadesa; the land of Pandya) in South India.According to Bhāgavatapurāṇa, Indradyumna was a great devotee of God Viṣṇu (Vishnu). One day he was worshipping Viṣṇu, when Sage Agastya, with his disciples, arrived at his place. Since the king was busy in worshipping his Deity, he was not aware of the presence of the sage, and so, could not greet him. Infuriated, Sage Agastya cursed him — since this king is so dull as to neglect a Brahmaṇa, he should be reduced to a dull creature. Due to the curse, Indradyumna assumed the form of an elephant. Even as an elephant, the king’s former memory did not fade away, he remained devoted to God Viṣṇu. He continued to worship Srī Viṣṇu, who, finally redeemed his devotee. Indradyumna attained salvation and became a divine associate of Viṣṇu.