Indrakarmā (Indrakarma) is another name of God Viṣṇu (Vishnu). In Sanskrit, the dhātu(dhatu; the verb-root) ‘Ind’ means, to rule or to preside over something. The one who rules is ‘Indra’. In this case, Indra denotes not only the king of gods but also the Ruler and Creator of the universe, the Almighty. The Supreme Divinity is the Creator, Preserver, and the Destroyer of the universe. He is the ruler of everything that is continuously happening in all the world. In this sense, God Viṣṇu is known as Indrakarmā , that is, One whose action is to rule, like that of Indra —
Indrasya karmeva karmāsyeti Indrakarmā, aiśaryakarmetyartha.